California Water Mandate & Compliance

This year the State of California has mandated that properties cut water usage by at least 20-percent – a large undertaking for some companies and brands that might have to make major overhauls to landscaping and water usage in prospective properties. Unire Real Estate Group, with its more than 35-million square feet of managed property, has been working diligently with tenants, clients and landscapers to develop and implement new watering strategies, as well as replace existing planting with drought

Rep. Susan Davis Opposes the House Majority’s Misguided Budget Proposal

Congresswoman Susan Davis (CA-53) opposed the House Majority’s partisan budget proposal that would hurt middle- and low-income families and put the American Dream further out of reach. The budget proposal approved by the House on a strictly party-line vote contains dramatic cuts in education, infrastructure and medical research.

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Napolitano’s Statement on Trump Administration’s Attack on Clean Water

Rep. Grace F. Napolitano (D-El Monte), issued the following statement after the Trump administration announced a new proposal—claiming it to be pro-industry—which would weaken federal clean water rules, putting at risk the health and safety of millions of Americans