Mayor Faulconer Signs Historic Budget That Sets New Records for Infrastructure Funding & Road Repair


San Diego – June 14, 2016 – (RealEstateRama) — With the Skyline Hills Branch Library under construction behind them, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer was joined today by several City Councilmembers as he signed the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget – a balanced budget that marks a doubling of infrastructure funding and near-tripling of streets funding since Faulconer took office.

The budget – approved by the City Council in a rare unanimous vote on Monday – also includes nearly $4.7 million to address recruitment and retention issues for police officers and 911 dispatchers, expands recreation center hours to the highest level in a decade, triples funding for major storm channel clearings, expands popular afterschool and youth jobs programs, funds a new Pension Stabilization Reserve fund and invests in improvements for Balboa Park, among other things.

“With the City Council’s approval of my third budget, we’re continuing to make significant investments in San Diego’s neighborhoods and building a better future for all residents,” Mayor Faulconer said. “And, for the second year in a row, the City Council took the rare step of unanimously approving my budget proposal with minor amendments that I will support. This budget sets a record for road repair funding, continues fiscal reform, keeps rec centers open longer for our families, improves public safety and brings neighborhood upgrades to underserved communities. This $3.4 billion budget is helping to make One San Diego a reality.”

Annual funding for street repairs has increased nearly threefold since Mayor Faulconer took office in 2014, reaching a record $109 million in FY2017. The City is on pace to far exceed Faulconer’s goal of repairing 1,000 miles of streets over five years.

The annual budget for the Capital Improvements Program, which funds most infrastructure projects throughout the City, has also seen significant growth since Mayor Faulconer took office. It has more than doubled since FY2014 and now stands at $421 million.

“We’ve approved a budget that will increase funding for the library and Penny for the Arts,” said City Council President Sherri Lightner. “We owe it to our communities to provide these programs that are vital to our quality of life and our economy, and benefit diverse and underserved groups, helping San Diego educate our youth, prepare the next workforce and maintain our position as a world-class destination for arts and culture.”

The budget is a fiscally responsible plan that continues the City’s push to fix San Diego’s streets, expand neighborhood services, create opportunities for residents and invest in neighborhood infrastructure. The adopted budget includes:

$109 million in street repair funding
Most funding for the Capital Improvements Program this decade – $421 million
Fulfilling Mayor Faulconer’s pledge to dedicate half of major General Fund revenue growth to neighborhood repairs
Expanding recreation center hours to the highest level in a decade
Four academies for police recruits and two for firefighter recruits
Nearly $4.7 million to address recruitment and retention issues among police officers and 911 dispatchers
$2.8 million for capital projects in Balboa Park, including the restoration of the Thompson Medical Library/Eddy Auditorium and the installation of historic light posts in the park’s Central Mesa
Expansions to popular afterschool and youth jobs programs
$16 million for newly created Pension Stabilization Reserve Fund to act as a safety net for the operating budget (which funds neighborhood services) when pension costs rise unexpectedly
$15.1 million in arts and culture funding
Tripling the amount of major storm channel clearings
Millions for new and replacement sidewalks and streetlights
Resources to begin implementing Climate Action Plan
Funding to move forward on innovative Pure Water recycling program
Additional lifeguards to ensure beach safety
Creating a 3-1-1-style system to improve customer service
Park and playground improvements throughout the city
Fully funding reserves to target levels and making annual pension payment

Mayor Faulconer signed the budget, which goes into effect July 1, at the new $13 million Skyline Hills Branch Library – a project that is scheduled to be completed ahead of schedule and open for neighborhood residents this fall. It’s the first new branch library opened since 2009 and the new budget includes funding to staff and operate it.

“This budget includes $109 million in funding for street repair which will improve the quality of life for all San Diego residents,” said City Councilmember Myrtle Cole. “Every community deserves to have the basic necessities to help people thrive. This budget helps to achieve that goal.”

The City broke ground on the new $13 million Skyline Hills Branch Library in October. The 15,000-square-foot branch library will feature a multi-purpose community meeting room, conference rooms, study rooms, dedicated areas for children, a computer lab, bookstore, outdoor courtyard, original artwork and a roof with prismatic skylights.

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